“The Other Side Of The Wind” (the “Film”) is a film directed and produced by Orson Welles. The Film is Mr. Welles’ last major unfinished film and stars John Huston, Peter Bogdanovich, Dennis Hopper and Oja Kodar. Production started on the Film in 1970 and continued until Mr. Welles died in 1985. Similar to the real life of Mr. Welles, the Film’s dominant themes explores the extremes a director embraces to produce a successful movie. “John Huston plays the aging director modeled on Ernest Hemingway, who is trying to make a hip, with it, film in the early seventies that is laden with sex and violence to revive his flagging career.” (Wikipedia) The Film is stylistic of Mr. Welles’ previous works such as “Citizen Kane” where flashbacks, quick cuts, long takes and artistic methods of editing are predominant. Mr. Welles had intentions of completing the film, but his vision was left unrealized. The Film can be considered revolutionary for its various components that demonstrated forward thinking film making technique. Mr. Welles spent the last several years of his life editing and re-shooting reels to perfectly capture the provocative characters he wanted to explore. As a result of the Film’s explicit content it would be likely to receive an “R” rating from The Classification and Rating Administration (CARA).